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Legend Trip
Back-shop Salon


‘We must reserve a little back-shop, all of our own, entirely free, wherein to establish our true liberty and principle retreat and solitude’ Montaigne

Outside, above the black gloss windows of Charlie Dutton Gallery is a white neon sign reading ‘shop’. To coincide with Alison Gill's exhibition she has invited speakers to share their ideas on a diverse range of topics including Genius Loci and its relationship to folklore, film, landscape and magick; psychoanalytic explorations of the legend trip taking us to the hole at the centre of signification and the divide in subjectivity; why we need to tell stories, the poetics of place and how we can commune with the ineffable... and more. Given the size of the venue, these will be very informal, intimate salon-gatherings.

Come and join us.


Talks will be on the following dates between 7.30 and 9pm:

Wednesday 23th May 2012 Tamar Yoseloff (author of The City with Horns) reads a selection of poems which explore the relationship between landscape and narrative, and presents a new piece informed by the exhibition ( (

Wednesday 30th May 2012
Antonia Manoochehri (Project 'petit a') explores the legend trip as that which takes us to the hole at the centre of signification and the divide in subjectivity. (

Wednesday 13th June 2012 Imbibe at the Genius Loci Bar: Mark Pilkington (Strange Attractor) and Andy Sharp (English Heretic) present an illustrated discussion on the genius loci and its relationship to folklore, film, landscape and magick. ( / (





“Consensual Circle”, Project ‘petit a’


17th November 2011


rsvp essential

Antonia Manoochehri:



“We could say that the face holds within its rectangle or circle a whole set of traits, faciality traits, which it subsumes and places at the service of significance and subjectification. Dismantling the face is the same as breaking through the wall of the signifier and getting out of the black hole of subjectivity. Here the program, the slogan, of schizoanalysis is: Find your black holes and white walls, know them, know your faces: it is the only way you will be able to dismantle them and draw your lines of flight.” Deleuze and Guattari 1998, p.188.

Project ‘petit a’ (Ppa) ( promotes and explores the nature of innovative creative practices that focus on experimental interaction with objects, materials and people. Through creative problem solving and ‘thinking through materials’, Project ‘petit a’ actively encourages the exchange of investigative ideas and processes within a fun, dynamic and supportive infrastructure. Ppa focuses on designing environments that challenge preconceptions and fixed relationships with objects, materials and people to explore the nature of significance and signification. Ppa is interested in building more confident and flexible approaches in applying creativity in day-to-day life, whilst also valorizing human exchange and culturally specific productivity.

Ppa aims to specifically address the nature of this significance and signification in the group exhibition: “Consensual Circle”, which will be the culmination of the work of European and Vietnamese artists brought together in two workshops; one in Charlie Dutton Gallery in London and one in San Art, HCMC. Participants will be given one or more paper circle(s) with the radius of 21 cm (the size relates to Duncan MacDougall’s “Weight of the Soul” theory), a knife, tape, glue, a stapler and sandpaper. Each artist will be asked to work with the given materials to explore and produce a personal creative outcome. Artists will be able to use the workshop to generate ideas, share skills and discuss the creative problem: “Can you open the circle into a 21cm line? Can you cut and re-structure the circle?” etc.

At the end of the workshop the artists will be asked to consolidate / develop their personal outcome in their studio in any chosen discipline. They will have 2 weeks to prepare their work, which they will submit to San Art. The submission of this work must be in portrait photographic format (.jpeg). The submissions will be printed out in standard A4 and displayed (according to the number of chosen submissions) in a single line at eye height around the gallery wall. Photographs and films of the workshops in London and HCMC will be projected in the back room of San Art on a continuous loop.

The exhibition will be a starting point for 1 or 2 talks addressing / questioning / examining the responses. There will be a specific aim to draw out discussion on the nature of subjectivity and signification in European and SE Asian visual language. The exhibition will also be taken forward in proposals for further research projects / residencies / collaborations. The submissions will be collated in colour booklet.



Zig Zag

Artists' Talk

Thursday 23rd Jun 2011 6.00 - 7.30

Join us for an informal artists' talk; meet some of the artists and participate in a discussion responding to the work on show. We will explore ongoing issues concerning 'what is abstract?' as well as the processes artists are developing and the techniques and materials used when making the work.








Simon Haddock's 'Tango night'

Friday 3rd June 2011 6-9pm




Emma Biggs &

Matthew Collings

talk about


and Matt's new BBC2 program

Renaissance Revolution.

Tuesday 6.30pm 26th October 2010




Charlie Dutton in conversation with Howard Dyke.

Friday 6pm 25th June 2010

As part of the University of Arts London Alumni Season 2010, Howard Dyke will be talking about his work at the gallery. Charlie Dutton will have opened a solo show of Howard's expressively charged paintings just 3 days previously.

Space is limited so do RSVP in good time to avoid disappointment.

This event will be free and refreshments will be offered. There will be an opportunity to meet the artist after the talk.

War Headed Crazy Mekon




Enterprising alumni - the journey to success
Date: 19 November 2010
Time: 1pm – 2pm
Room 203, 272 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7EY

Event details:
Join us for a relaxed discussion with an eclectic panel of successful alumni from a variety of disciplines sharing experiences of their journey from college to career with helpful tips on how you can make the most out of your association with the University and Colleges.
Medeia Cohan-Petrolino, University Curator and Acting Head of Alumni Relations, will chair the discussion which includes the following speakers:

Charlie Dutton (CSM, 2008) – Founder of the Charlie Dutton Gallery
Ben Long (Camberwell, 2001) - Practising Artist and a University Collection Artist
James Musgrave (CSM, 2007) - Graphic Designer and a University Collection Artist



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