24rd June - 14th July 2010
Private View 23nd June 6.00 – 8.30pm


Charlie Dutton Gallery are pleased to exhibit Howard Dykes new work this summer, this is Howard's first solo show at the gallery, in 2008 he won the Jessica Wilkes award and has had various group show and collectors internationally.

Dyke's gestural, painterly brushwork is expressive, emotive, evocative. As his brush strokes form folds, lines drips of colour. A fold maybe just a fold, but it also satisfyingly sculptural and, in Dyke's work, a formalised element on the verge of abstraction - it enables the paint to swathe, cloak, array and adorn the canvas. but then in a willful destruction or of destructive curiosity, like a child taking apart a machine to see how it works, he dismantles his own gesture, cutting it up to be remade, re-formalised, reconstituted as layering and juxtaposition, the subject fragmented, meaning disrupted.

Dyke destroys gesture and collapses the figure/ground dialectic. He takes apart his open expressionist gesture in order to examine it from a new view-point, rearranging, turning it around to see how it works, or to continue it. The folds become cut, the seams proliferate; the working method is still quick, loose and impulsive, but scissors have, for now, replaced the paintbrush; the scissors of a Tailor, a Collagist, a Montagist, creating new forms, mantles and relationships; assembling splinters into whole things again, finding spontaneous conjunctions from the pieces.

Biographical Details:
Howard Dyke Born: 1971 Lives and works in London, Completed his (MA Fine Art Goldsmiths College (BA Fine Art) Central St Martins.

Various groups shows in 2009/10 include Tag 3-45 London Painting - Brown gallery. Plus 100 - 122 Webber st. With Or Without God – L13 Aquarium, Hilo – Keith Talent gallery, Drawings with Dolphins – Crimestown.

Dyke was also awarded 2008 Jessica Wilkes award – Acme Studio bursary 1 year in 2008

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